Window Treatments


Dressing a window can be essential for privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms. However, a clever window dressing can transform a room, it can control the amount of natural light to create welcoming and inviting spaces.

The choice and variety of window dressings are endless and only limited by practicality and budget. In bathrooms and kitchens simple blinds or shutters are the usual preference, they are much safer and require less space. Shutters or wooden Venetian blinds have a New England/ Shaker style that is simple and unfussy. For the more budget conscious a simple Roller or Roman blind is a good choice. Choose any colour or pattern that fits into the style of the room it will help to compliment your interior styling. 

For impact and drama, curtains can add a designer flair to any room. Floor length curtains are a must, regardless of window shape, they help to elongate the height of a room and look elegant and stylish.

Ready made curtains offer excellent value for money.  For a clean, modern look choose tab-top or eyelet headings.This style of curtain are generally less full, falling in flat sleek panels looking effortlessly cool.

If investing in made to measure curtains opting for sumptuous full curtains with traditional pleated headings. These use an abundance of fabric and drape in elegant, uniform, folds creating an expensive look.

Selecting sheer curtains such as voiles, lace panels and fine open weave linen are an elegant way to filter the light in a room, team them up with opaque curtains, to create a layered sophisticated look. Alternatively, plain white sheers make for a minimal choice creating light and space in rooms that don’t demand total privacy or darkness.

Finally, consider pattern and colour, mix and match with upholstery and walls. Or for longevity you may prefer more neutral and tonal colours that will not quickly go out of fashion.

Finishing Touches to Your Dream Kitchen


A neutral kitchen is an excellent investment. At Hollins Homes we have a wonderful range and choice of kitchens. If you wish to create your own style and want a kitchen bursting with personality, use colour or decorative accessories. This is by far the most cost effective way and therefore means you may chop and change your look much more frequently if you so desire.

A brand new home and a new start is an excellent time to refresh smaller kitchen items such as; kettles, toasters, microwaves, storage jars, bread bins, tea towels, oven gloves, place mats and coasters. Many high street stores and outlets online, have often done the thinking and styling for you, supplying full ranges of matching accessories and appliances. 

Alternatively, you can make and discover a more individual look, by curating complimentary pieces together, that you have hand picked. Styles that may appeal are:

Scandi Chic -  Beautiful natural materials, mostly in shades of white or pastel tones. Striking clean designs of superb quality.

Country Cottage - A cosy look, a rustic style but with a homely traditional feel. Wallpaper in floral patterns, gingham tablecloths and blinds. Plants and herbs in zinc or stone planters.

Industrial - Dark colours, blue, grey and black. Steel, copper and metallic touches, geometric and mathematical patterns. 

Botanical - Patterns and colours taken from nature. Greenery, animal inspired accessories. Large dramatic leafy prints, flora and fauna inspired wallpapers and fabrics.

Mid century Modern - Think bold graphic prints displayed against plain white and sleek lines. Keep large accessories stainless steel and then add colour, geometric pattern and warmth with real wood, art, and the smaller accessories.

The important thing to remember is to have fun and take pleasure in selecting items for your new home.

Front Door Style

First impressions count. When you move into your fabulous new house you can expect lots of visitors. Your front door should make a statement, show your personal style and stand out from the crowd.There are lots of simple but effective ways of achieving this.

A visible door number is essential for deliveries and visitors alike. A wealth of styles, materials and fixing are readily available.

An indoor/outdoor rug creates a warm inviting front door and is practical too, keeping muddy footprints to a minimum.

Symmetrical planting either side of the door creates a stylish entrance whether it’s two bay trees, architectural topiary or seasonal flowers. For a country cottage feel, colourful hanging baskets create a charming look.

Don’t overlook outdoor lanterns. Battery or solar powered, they will add a pretty glow to your front door as the nights draw in.

Consider your outdoor lighting, essential for security, but it can also create a beautiful ambience. The choice is endless from large oversized lanterns to down lighters, simple sconces, pendants and string lights.

Finally, a door wreath, not just for the festive season, wreaths can be seasonal or just simple, stylish metal or willow designs.


A Sustainable Home

What do you think of when someone says sustainability? Sustainability actually means meeting your current needs without having a negative impact on the needs of future generations. Here at Hollins Homes we take sustainability seriously; we install energy efficient lighting, high levels of loft and wall insulation and build to exemplar air leakage standards.

Sustainability can also mean you can save money and protect the environment at the same time. From recycling our waste to reducing our energy consumption, small changes can have a big impact.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are kinder to the environment and our health. You can also save money by crafting your own home-made cleaning products such as lemons or white wine vinegar for anti-bacterial cleaning or bicarbonate of soda for deodorising.

House plants are a wonderful aesthetic addition to any home but another benefit are the air purifying qualities. Upholstery, paint, carpets and technology all pollute the air in the home. Spider plants, rubber plants and Aloe vera plants are natural air filters and can help to improve the humidity in the room.

Don’t forget the outside space, having a brand-new garden is a wonderful excuse to start from scratch and create an eco-friendly garden. Use natural materials as far as possible and plant hedges along the boundaries helping to create shelter and food for wildlife. A small water feature can create a calming, tranquil effect, can purify the air and be a water source for the local wildlife. Bee houses & log piles all encourage insects into the garden which in turn help to pollinate the plants and flowers. Don’t forget to plant flowers that encourage wildlife (the RHS has a comprehensive list on its website). Water butts and outdoor composters are an easy way to become greener and they reduce waste and save money at the same time.

Modern Essentials for a New Home

Family Kitchen

The heart of the home, somewhere to spend time together as a family, to entertain friends, a social, warm, open atmosphere. A place where friends and family can converse and convene. Where younger members of the family can play, complete homework, snack or just chill.

A Downstairs Cloakroom

Makes life so much easier, whether it’s potty training, dashing in from outside or just an extra loo if someone is spending an age in the bathroom. A wonderful addition when entertaining friends and family, no one needs to venture upstairs -  less tidying up or cleaning!

Office Space

A fact of modern life, a desk space is becoming an essential of a family home. A growing number of people work from home and need a dedicated office space whether this is study, or a spare bedroom. Alternatively, an office space may not be a full room, it may be on a landing or in a nook or corner of a living room. Using a desk bureau is a brilliant solution, lots of storage and organisation which helps to keep the workstation tidy and confined to a small area in the room.

Utility Room

Often the most used room in the house. Vital for households with pets, children or who enjoy an outdoors lifestyle. As homes become more open plan, a utility room can be a dedicated space where the noisy, messy and smelly stuff can be kept. Not just a laundry room, it can be a useful space to hang coats, store muddy boots and keep pet essentials. Don’t forget, they can include extra storage for cleaning materials, ironing boards, mops and vacuum cleaners. 


There’s no such thing as too much storage space. Most homeowners want a clean, calm uncluttered home. Whether it’s storing Christmas decorations, suitcases, seasonal clothes or just stuff! A garage or a garden shed offer great storage solutions. Consider the loft space in the main house or under joist shelving in a garage. Built in floor to ceiling wardrobes. Hooks on the back of doors, to hang bags, belts and jackets the possibilities are endless.  Use the space under your bed or choose a bed with storage compartments. Finally, moving into a new house is a great excuse to declutter and get organised and start a fresh.

Outside Space

Extending living space outside is an increasing trend. Outdoor living can provide many positive health benefits. Gardens can be simple play areas for children and pets, or havens of tranquility with sweeping planting schemes and creative landscaping. Most homeowners want to enjoy alfresco dining and summer BBQ’s. Outdoor heating, alongside gazebos and pergolas can provide shelter from sun and rain, so the great outdoors can be enjoyed regardless of the British weather and well beyond the summer season.