Window Treatments


Dressing a window can be essential for privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms. However, a clever window dressing can transform a room, it can control the amount of natural light to create welcoming and inviting spaces.

The choice and variety of window dressings are endless and only limited by practicality and budget. In bathrooms and kitchens simple blinds or shutters are the usual preference, they are much safer and require less space. Shutters or wooden Venetian blinds have a New England/ Shaker style that is simple and unfussy. For the more budget conscious a simple Roller or Roman blind is a good choice. Choose any colour or pattern that fits into the style of the room it will help to compliment your interior styling. 

For impact and drama, curtains can add a designer flair to any room. Floor length curtains are a must, regardless of window shape, they help to elongate the height of a room and look elegant and stylish.

Ready made curtains offer excellent value for money.  For a clean, modern look choose tab-top or eyelet headings.This style of curtain are generally less full, falling in flat sleek panels looking effortlessly cool.

If investing in made to measure curtains opting for sumptuous full curtains with traditional pleated headings. These use an abundance of fabric and drape in elegant, uniform, folds creating an expensive look.

Selecting sheer curtains such as voiles, lace panels and fine open weave linen are an elegant way to filter the light in a room, team them up with opaque curtains, to create a layered sophisticated look. Alternatively, plain white sheers make for a minimal choice creating light and space in rooms that don’t demand total privacy or darkness.

Finally, consider pattern and colour, mix and match with upholstery and walls. Or for longevity you may prefer more neutral and tonal colours that will not quickly go out of fashion.